At Puhoi Coffee, we believe you deserve only the freshest coffee available and we love our Puhoi Coffee Hand Grinder. That’s why we now have portable hand coffee grinders available for purchase.

Puhoi Coffee Hand Grinder Features

Stainless Handle

We have opted for the slightly heavier stainless steel handle to make the job of grinding coffee just that little bit easier for you. It is easily removable so you can fill the chamber with fresh Puhoi Coffee beans, or store it for portability.

Silicone Grip

The silicone grip makes it easier to hold the grinder while you grind your next cup of delicious coffee. The grip also has a neat added slot so you can store the handle. No more lost handles when you need your coffee fix!

Ceramic Conical Burrs

Our Puhoi Coffee hand grinder has conical burrs, which are specifically designed for more consistent grind and low friction. The more consistent the grind is, the more balanced your coffee will taste. The reduced friction will help to preserve the flavours in the beans until you’re ready to make your morning (or evening?) coffee! They are made from ceramic, which means there is no need to ever replace or sharpen them as they don’t go blunt. To adjust the grind, simply rotate the knob on the bottom clockwise for finer, or anti-clockwise for courser coffee.

Ground coffee chamber

Your grinder will cleanly catch your freshly ground coffee so you can easily transfer it into your desired coffee-making vessel. Just remember that you will need a different grind setting depending on whether you are grinding for espresso, filter options, or plunger!

Don’t forget that you can use your Puhoi Coffee hand grinder with our other products, such as our capsule sets or our plungers. Or you can look at one of our package sets.