At Puhoi Coffee we believe in sustainability, which is why we are now offering our stainless steel Nespresso capsule set. You can now enjoy your coffee with a clear conscience, knowing that you are able to use your Nespresso machine without worrying about the environment.

Our Capsules are made by iCafilas, who were the top rated reusable capsule option in the recent Consumer NZ write-up on coffee capsules. They were rated on Several points, including ease of filling, brewing, taste, and how easy it was to clean them.

The benefits to you in buying this capsule set include:

Save money

Once you have your stainless steel Nespresso capsule set, the cost for each shot of fresh, batch roasted Puhoi Coffee is less than 22 cents. Compare this to the current average price of about 70 cents per capsule in some major supermarkets, and you will break even after only your second bag of delicious, fresh roasted coffee from Puhoi Coffee.

Zero plastic waste

You can use your stainless steel capsule set over and over again without having to worry about polluting the environment! The only waste is the ground coffee, which you could even save and put on your garden. Coffee is a natural pest repellent!

Ease of use

Just rinse under water, quickly dry it, and its ready to be filled for the next beautiful cup of coffee!

If you intend on having coffee with friends, you can get two capsules in your set. Then you can prepare the second shot while the first is still pouring. You can choose to have us grind your beans for you, or grind on demand for the freshest coffee possible. Feel free to have a look at our hand grinders if you don’t have one. Or, you could get it cheaper as part of a pack!