The Tamper

This tamper has been machined to precision. IT has a solid 58mm base, and a comfortable Ebony Wood handle. Designed with professional baristas in mind, this tamper is one that you will want to use on any machine you are in front of.


The Base

Made from high grade, solid stainless steel, this tamper practically does the job for you. With a weighty 250 grams, you will be able to save your energy no matter how many coffees you make. The base has a standard thread machined into it so you are easily able to replace either the handle or the base. If, for example, you find a different designed handle that you would like to try out, simply screw it on.

The Handle

Made from Ebony Hard wood, this handle is designed to last a long time and to feel comfortable in the palm of your hand. At Puhoi Coffee we have found this design to be the most ergonomically comfortable. We would recommend it to any busy barista that asks.